Why a pet portrait?

A pair of hands holding an oil painting of a black puppy

Pets are like family members and for each day we grow more and more fond of them. And like humans, they all have their characters and personalities. Small things that make them special and unique.

We got two dogs, for example, one is a mix between Cockerspaniel and Jack Russell, a small black coloured male. Energetic and very social, with a strong need to greet everyone. He loves mud and rainy weather and does anything for a treat.

The other one is the total opposite. A female rescue dog, a mixed breed with a resemblance of a Finnish Lapphund which is strange since she’s a stray born in Hong Kong. She’s calm and has lots of integrity, clever and aware of herself. She rather socializes with dogs and is reserved towards people. She hates rain and is not interested in treats.

We all get older and so does our dear pets. Even though we tend to ignore it pets don’t live as long as we do. This is one of the reasons why a pet portrait isn’t such a bad idea.

The portrait will last for generations and are a sweet memory of your beloved pet. We all remember all those moments and personalities that made our pets so special. And a portrait will be there for everyone to see and a great opportunity for you to share some funny moments about your pet.


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Pets make any home more friendly and personal, and so does pet portraits. It adds a bit of extra warmth and also a bit of curiosity. What’s the name of that pet? What’s the story, background, breed, personality, etc? It’s unique and adds character to your home.

Today we tend to have lots of photographs of our kids and family members. All in different expensive frames and on special displays for everyone to see and admire. Isn’t time we do the same for our pets?

It used to be for a chosen few to have an oil painting of their long-gone dog or horse. Today it’s much more affordable and even a pencil drawing can be a piece of art. There are other possibilities and techniques, there are ink and watercolors and not to mention a beautiful portrait in gouache. There are styles and techniques for every taste and a portrait can be made in many different ways and sizes. 

Not to mention the frame, the frame is like a great layout. It can either make it or break it but in most cases, it just adds beauty and take the portrait to the next level.

I’m sure both you and your pet wouldn’t regret making a portrait. And after all, it’s a lovely memory. And just like beautiful memories portraits tend to get better with age.



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