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The Cost Of A Pet Portrait

The cost of a pet portrait depends if you choose oil or pencil, the size of the portrait and the number of pets in the portrait. When it comes to background in an oil painting we always recommend a toned background.

To make things easier we recommend our three standard sizes. The small size is only suitable for head portraits

Things To Consider

Oil Paintings


Small (10×14 in, 25×35 cm)
US $500


Medium (12×16 in, 30×40 cm)
US $600


Large (16×20 in, 40×50 cm)
US $700

Prices may vary depending on requirements of your portrait.

Pencil Drawings


Small (10×14 in, 25×35 cm)
US $300


Medium (12×16 in, 30×40 cm)
US $350


Large (16×20 in, 40×50 cm)
US $400

Payment & Shipping

We require a 50% deposit when starting the oil painting or pencil drawing and the final payment to be paid at the end of the process. We accept Apple Pay or normal bank transfer. Shipping is free of charge and we send all our oil portraits and pencil drawing by courier directly to your door. 

Stripe Payment

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A great painting starts with a great photo. That doesn’t mean you have to be an expert photographer. But you do need to capture the best moment and pose of your pet. This is the most important part of achieving the best portrait. It’s also the only way for us to get to truly capture your pet’s look

Yes. We work from one main photograph for all subjects, however we do like to have others to refer to. It also allows us to recommend the one best shot for the painting. Also, please let us know which depicts his/her true colouring

The higher resolution, the better the portrait. We need to be able to look at details so please send the highest resolution you have.
Often when photos are emailed, they are resized by the software. If this is the case, send only a few at a time and try to override the ‘reduce photo size setting’. This should insure we receive the original size photo from the camera

Absolutely. It’s all about the resolution.

Getting the right composition makes a big difference. A dog that sits, stands or lays down in a beautiful way adds a lot to the potential painting and helps the artist in many ways.

If you want to have a full body portrait, pay attention to the legs. For example, a dog that’s sitting down should do it properly and the way the pet holds its head is also of great importance. When standing, the legs must be as symmetrical as possible. This is just as important when taking a photo of a horse. Avoid shooting from an angel and remember the legs. Don’t crop them out.

It will take about five weeks from the day you order. When it comes to oil paintings it takes time for the different layers to dry. Normally the artist works in three different stages with time in between for drying. Some artists have a lot more stages. With that considered, five weeks is pretty fast

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